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Did you know…

DuPont (Northwest Landing) was the base of the observatory for a major United States scientific expedition to chart the lower Puget Sound in 1841. That same year DuPont was the first city west of the Mississippi to hold a 4th of July celebration.

DuPont Plumbing Services

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Compass Plumbing was founded on a commitment to adding value to our clients and client satisfaction. If we're installing plumbing on your new home, remodeling your kitchen, or maintaining your business' plumbing you are a valued customer to us.

Commercial and Residential Emergency Services:

  • Clogged Drains – Numerous methods can be used to unclog drains. Compass will diagnose the issue, determine the source and use the least invasive and most cost effective method to fix the problem.
  • Broken Fixtures – Uninstall broken fixtures and replace with new or rebuild if possible.
  • Leaking Pipes – Cut out and replace any pipes that are leaking with Pex or copper piping.
  • Backflow Device – Replace or repair failing devices. Backflow devices protect your drinking water from contaminants entering into your domestic water lines.
  • Pressure Reducing Valves – Faucets, toilets, showers and other fixtures may be experiencing unnecessary wear due to high water pressure leading to costly fixture replacement. Compass will check your water pressure for free and determine if you’re in need of a repair or replacement of your pressure reducing valve.
  • Hammer Arresters - If when you turn on your faucet or outside hose bib it makes a loud rattling or shaking sound you need a hammer arrester installed. A hammer arrester regulates the water pressure when a fixture or appliance is turned on that causes a surge of water in an otherwise static line.
  • Sewer Line Repair and Replacement – Compass can replace your sewer line by either excavating or trenchless pipe installation methods.
  • Water Line Repair and Replacement – If you’re experiencing higher than normal water bills Compass can diagnose the cause and if your water line is damaged and leaking Compass can replace your line using excavating or trenchless pipe installation methods.
  • Low Water Pressure Issues – Low pressure can be caused by sediment from the breakdown of old piping, rust, or sediment debris from a cracked pipe. Issue may be as easy as a water filter replacement or a re-pipe of old piping.

Commercial and Residential General Services:

  • Repair/Replace Fixtures
    • Disposals
    • Commercial & residential kitchen sinks
    • Showers and bathtubs
    • Floor drains
    • Hose bibs
    • Drain and Vent Piping
    • Water Softeners
    • Water Heaters 
  • Water Heaters – Replace, repair, or upgrade your water heater to a tankless, gas or electric high efficient model.
  • Toilets – Replace or repair damaged toilets and urinals
  • Repipe – Replace old, leaking, or damaged piping with Pex or copper to increase water flow and decrease damage to fixtures and appliances.
  • Gas Piping – Work on old or install new lines for gas stoves, appliances, fireplaces, and outdoor barbeques.
  • Water Softener Install – Hard water can create calcium buildup or cause rusting in pipes, fixtures and appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines and water heaters. Install a whole house water filtration system to avoid extremely costly replacements.
  • Winterizing and De-winterizing of pipes – Avoid cracked pipes in the winter by winterizing your pipes. Compass will return to your home in the spring to de-winterize your home and pressure test your lines to ensure pipes were not damaged due to freezing conditions.

Proudly Serving the South Puget Sound:


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