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Compass Plumbing & Drain Services Provides You With Thorough Commercial and Residential Drain Cleaning in Tacoma WA!

Maintaining your plumbing system with regular drain cleanings can help to prevent costly damages or blockages. If your residential or commercial plumbing system has not been maintained recently, or if you are currently experiencing blockages and backed-up drains, Compass Plumbing can provide you with efficient service by restoring your plumbing and cleaning it out thoroughly to prevent future problems. Some of the drain-related services we provide include:

  • Maintenances – Our maintenance services prevent blockages and damage by ensuring that your plumbing system is clear and clean. Our professionals will remove blockages and build-up with a cable or hydro-jet, leaving your pipes open to serve you without problems. We service sewer, storm, grease, and main drain lines and offer warranties for most maintenance plans.
  • Main Line Cabling – If you have a blockage, our professionals can insert a cable into your plumbing system to clear any blockages due to sediment, tree roots, or grease. This process is less destructive to your system than common drain cleaners, and our professionals will make sure that your pipes are completely clear. Our main line cabling is a great service for drain cleaning in Tacoma WA.
  • Hydro-jetting – Another option for plumbing systems that have a large amount of build up in their pipes is hydro-jetting. Our professionals use high pressure water to break down and clear any blockages in your plumbing lines. If we find root infiltration in your plumbing system, we can use environmentally safe root killer and growth inhibitor to leave your pipes in great working order for the future.
  • Sewer Line Video Camera – Our professionals will provide you with information about your pipes, fresh from our special cameras. These cameras are especially designed for drains and main lines and allow our technicians to examine the health of a plumbing system and to diagnose breaks, blockages, and roots. Once we have this information, we consult with you and help you to understand the least expensive plumbing solutions available for your drain cleaning in Tacoma WA.
  • Whole House Drain Cleaning Plan – Homes with recurring clogged drains may have experienced pipe settlement, root infiltration, or debris build-up. Our Whole-House Drain Cleaning Plan is a cost effective option for these homes, giving them thorough diagnosis and service for drain cleaning in Tacoma WA.

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